Timi Ajiboye

Hello Sails.js


I'm Timi. Full-Stack web x mobile developer and ever dabbling dabbler.

Most of the web development I've done has been with Ruby on Rails. Though it's such an amazing (beautifully structured) framework, the best part about learning and build with Rails has to be the community.

There's a gem, blog post, stack overflow answer or a github gist for EVERYTHING. At least most of the things you would need to learn to be able to do as you start your journey.

I recently decided to learn a Node.js framework because "Why not be able to wield one of the fastest growing development platforms of all time?"...well, that and all the good stuff that comes with JavaScript.

The only framework that makes any sense to me is Sails.js because it emulates Rails in a lot of ways and hence is easier for me to grasp.

Unfortunately for Sails, it's still in it's early stages and there isn't nearly as much of a community. So you're pretty much on your own, even for relatively simple things.

Luckily for you guys, I have a couple of friends who are already Sails ninjas, so I decided to write everything I learn about the framework.

Thus, Hello Sails is born.